The Teaching Game Raven Walker


Published: July 25th 2000

Kindle Edition

128 pages


The Teaching Game  by  Raven Walker

The Teaching Game by Raven Walker
July 25th 2000 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 128 pages | ISBN: | 6.41 Mb

Bio:In a new vein of old fashioned American Pragmatism, writer and psychologist, Raven Walker, addresses the problems of modern education. In The Teaching Game, he clarifies the critical purpose of fulfilling human potential and details the basic arts and crafts that make mastery of the teaching game possible, whether as teacher, parent, or manager.Book Description:The Teaching Game begins with the paradox of modern American education.

We spend more money than ever, yet the educational attainments of our next generation fall sadly backward. We would allow no such disgrace in our football programs. But the odds have always been stacked against great educational achievement. None of the competencies or virtues sought come without both serious effort by the learners and stubborn mastery by those who practice the cultures teaching games.

The strategic problem is straightforward. The tactical problems immense. The Teaching Game details the practical approaches to subject matter, courseware, human potential, strategy, delivery, evaluation, discipline, and command, all in the clear language of games, the real business of accomplishing important human ends. At the same time, sophisticated, modern needs must be balanced against the old fashioned ideal of the complete human, the virtuous human, the free and independent mind that makes genuine democracy possible.

A society gets the quality of life and standard of living its educational system provides. We send robots to Mars, yet insist that hanging words on walls will ward off bad behavior. Successful teaching games are a cultures most important accomplishment. Both the health and vitality of society depend on photo: kennedy photo y.tiff

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