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Ideas That Change the Church  by  Everett Wilson

Ideas That Change the Church by Everett Wilson
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Theologian and pastor Everett Wilson examines the historic church--the holy catholic church as affirmed in the Apostles Creed and used in worship by both Protestants and Roman Catholics--in the light of three fruitful tensions that have arisen in its history and have helped to sustain its earthly identity.With the Bible as both background and foundation, Wilson relies on five of the most influential writers in western Christendom as his principal sources: the Latin father Augustine of Hippo from the fifth century, Martin Luther and John Calvin from the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, John Wesley from the eighteenth century, and Karl Barth from the twentieth century.The fruitful tensions are: Catholic and Protestant- Scripture and Tradition- Institution and Mission.Wilson writes not as a cool analyst from the sidelines, but as a participant.

These ideas are not abstractions- laity and clergy around the world give them hands, feet, and utterance in local parishes and assemblies.While Pastor Wilson was engaged in writing this book, he spent many hours in the library and classroom, but he spent many more in the ordinary work of the church--pastoral care, parish administration, denominational service, preaching and teaching. This discussion applies in that context. It is real practical theology--not the things to do list of parish ministers that used to be called practical theology, but theology directed at helping us to both understand the past and also to preserve the Christian mission and persevere in it until the kingdom comes.In Wilsons lack of coolness he stands with his principal sources, who were seldom cool in their approach to anything.

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