Avenue Dread Michael Angel

ISBN: 9781425119973

Published: August 18th 2007


88 pages


Avenue Dread  by  Michael  Angel

Avenue Dread by Michael Angel
August 18th 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 88 pages | ISBN: 9781425119973 | 3.53 Mb

To understand this book you have to go back to 1990.I was 22 and the recession was on in Australia.I lived alone in my one bedroom flat and got into the music and club scene.Overnight I started to write poetry everyday and bought my first acoustic guitar.The experience was profoundly spiritual and at times supernatural.I knew then that I had a calling and that I would follow it my whole life.I published my first book in 1997 (Dream Engineering) and will republish it next.I will also publish another much larger collection that is Dream Engineering unedited.These three books make up the entire story.The book itself is best described as a spiritual, poetic, journey to find truth.It was written in many different locations and over a period of ten years.It is made up of many small, individual poems with a few long exceptions.The work as whole had very little editing, unlike Dream Engineering which I heavily edited.And now will present in its true form.

Avenue Dread is a story of darkness that finds the light.There are many themes that run through the entire collection. Some of the things I try to say may be a little abstract. But overall I think the message is clear. It has the element of love, it also has darkness and light because these where all the things I experienced.Of the seventeen years I have been writing poetry I have been a christian for the last two.I found God and was able to finish my last book.

It is my hope to inspire people to God.The poetry also blossomed into music which I also hope to present.

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